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Frequently Asked Questions | Photodigi
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Frequently Asked Questions


What features are included in Photodigi apps?

Every app can make use of the full feature set. Find out more here.

Can I use Photodigi for different types of portfolios such as video, art or graphic design?

Yes, thanks to the flexibility of the Goodbarber platform, Photodigi can help you to create custom portfolio apps for all different kinds of media.

Can I use Photodigi to make project-based or information apps?

Yes, Photodigi can be used to make project-based or information apps.

Can I make a paid-for app to earn money?

Yes, your app will be submitted through developer accounts that you own. This means that you can decide whether to make a free or a paid-for app.


How much do Photodigi apps cost?

There are two payment plans available – annual or monthly. Find out more here.

When will I be charged?

Payments are taken at the start of each relevant period.

Are there any other extra costs?

Additional optional rebuilds and resubmissions (beyond your included 1 per year allowance) cost $29. In order to list your app in the Apple and Google Play app stores, you must also purchase a developer account for each. Apple charge $99 per year and Google charge a one-off fee of $25.


How many sections can I have in my app?

You can up to 120 sections in your app. A section is defined as an area of your app that displays content. There is no limit to the amount of content you can display in each section.

What is the storage limit for each app?

Each app is given 50GB of storage, meaning there is plenty of space for all of your content.


Can I preview my app design before submission?

You can preview your app using the emulator in your back office. You can also preview your app on your devices at any point during the process. In order to do this you must download the Goodbarber app (available on Apple and Android devices).

Which parts of my app can I customise?

Almost every aspect of your app can be customised – the only limit is your imagination!

Where can I display my logo?

Your logo can be displayed in many parts of your app (depending on the dimensions). This includes the splash screen, header area and the home screen background.

What is the minimum level of content required for app store submissions?

Your app must be complete when it is submitted to the stores. It should have at least 6 sections.

What changes require a rebuild and resubmission?

Many changes can be made without rebuilding and resubmitting your app – simply press the “Update the project” button in your back office. Some changes require rebuilding and resubmission to the app stores. This includes splash screen (also known as “loading screen”) changes, icon changes, theme changes.

Submissions and updates

What is an app rebuild?

Mobile applications are software packages that are installed on smartphones or tablets. These software packages are usually downloaded through the Apple and Google App Stores. When you update your app, some changes require the software package to be re-generated and resubmitted to Apple and Google so that the updates will be reflected on users’ devices. This regeneration of the app only applies to certain changes (refer to “What changes require a rebuild and resubmission?” above), but it does require some input from Photodigi when rebuilding the application and submitting it to the stores. One rebuild per year is included in the subscription price, additional rebuilds are charged at $29 each.

How many rebuilds and resubmissions can I make?

You can make one free rebuild and resubmission per year. Additional rebuilds can be purchased on an as needed basis for $29. Please get in touch with us if you would like to request a rebuild.

How do I request a rebuild and resubmission?

Please get in touch via the contact form if you would like to request a rebuild and resubmission.

Do I need my own app developer accounts with Apple and Google?

Yes, in order to publish your app in these two stores you will need to purchase the Apple and Google developer accounts. This cost is not included in the price of Photodigi subscriptions.

How does the app submission process work?

Once you have purchased your developer accounts, you will then be able to assign Photodigi as a team member. We can then take care of the app store submission process for you using your own developer accounts.