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Offline use

Content is synchronised from your back office system and stored directly inside the app. These native apps are thus completely available offline.


Cache system

Different elements of the apps are cached to ensure optimal performance, even with no network connectivity.


Graphical interface

Apps are managed through the easy-to-use back office system. No coding knowledge is required.


Instant previews

The back office system features a visual editor for instantly previewing all of your content and modifications.


Modular construction of your home screen

The home section of your app is completely modular and flexible, meaning you can display any content or links that you want.


Navigation menu

Choose from a variety of templates for your navigation menu, or choose not to display one at all.


Custom menus

Custom menus can be used to provide multi-level navigation to different parts of your app, for example, making multiple separate galleries within a single portfolio.



You can add a copyright area within the navigation menu of your app.


Custom links

Add in custom links to internal sections, external web pages or social media profiles anywhere within your app.


Customisable header

You can change the positioning, font and size of your header. You can even use your own logo as the header for your app.


Selective image resizing

Images are automatically resized to several different ratios and cached for different display resolutions. This means users get the fastest possible load times for their devices.


Update without rebuilding

Any changes related to the design of your app do not require a rebuild. Once synchronised via the back office they are automatically visible on users devices.


Custom fonts

Over 400 fonts are available to use within your app.


Custom themes

Over 25 different pre-designed themes are available for you to choose as a base for your app. These can be subsequently customised.


Custom icons

Over 1000 icons are available to use within your app. Alternatively, you can upload your own custom icons.


Social sharing

Add direct sharing links to social media in your content pages.


User authentication

Allow users to log into your app and create their own profiles. You can specify which sections of your app are visible to users who are logged in.


User groups

Assign your users into different groups and specify which sections of your app are accessible to these different user groups. This can be used for many applications, such as making private galleries for releasing client images.



Choose whether to allow your users to comment on any of your content sections.


Modular construction of your home screen

The home section of your app is completely modular and flexible, meaning you can display any content or links that you want.


Text editor

Writing blocks feature a rich text editor to allow you to easily edit the layout of your page and enhance your text.


Sorting your content

Content can be sorted by date, alphabetical order, or even number of comments.


Content from external sources

Content from over 30 external sources can be fully synchronised, cached and integrated into your app.


Blog integration

Existing wordpress blog posts can be displayed within your app. WordPress comments are displayed seamlessly within your app and comments made from your app will be synchronised to your website.



Integrate sound files into your app using the customisable audio player.



Upload videos into your back office system or connect them to an external source such as Youtube or Vimeo.



Events can be managed from the back office or synchronised to iCal. Users can add events directly into their calendars from within the app.



Create points of interest on an interactive map. These can be linked through to articles, images or galleries.


Custom pages

Create fully customisable information pages using the rich text editor. Choose to include text, video and more.



Choose whether to allow your users to bookmark content within your app. This can include articles, images, videos, sounds, events and more.


Custom forms

Create custom forms with 16 different field types so that you can collect information from your users.


Push notifications

Create dispatch rules so that push notifications will be sent upon publication of new content.

View a complete history of sent notifications.

Real-time calculation of the number of recipients for new messages based on your parameters, such as location or device type.

Schedule future push notifications.

Target users based on their geographical location, their device type or their usage behaviour.



View detailed statistics regarding the downloads, session times, device types and OS versions, launches and page views.


App store submission

Photodigi provides a full review of your app prior to submission. As long as you have purchased Apple and Google developer accounts, Photodigi will take care of the submission processes.